Litigation: Commercial Litigation

Aggressive, Cost-Effective Representation

Business executives look to outside counsel for more than courtroom representation; they want attorneys who understand the company and can integrate the company’s goals into the litigation process. At Leonard, O’Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd., our commercial litigation group is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who work closely with their clients to assure that the company’s goals are at the center of its litigation strategy. Understanding the client’s business is the first step in providing aggressive, cost-effective representation.

Our litigation group provides high quality representation by tailoring litigation strategy to the needs of the client and the demands of the case. Instead of taking unnecessary action because “that’s the way its done,” we individually tailor our strategy to each matter and provide an outline of the strategy necessary to successfully resolve disputes. This individualized, unique approach results in high quality, focused representation delivered in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. 

Range of Services

Leonard, O’Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd., has a large and diverse business and corporate client base. Our clients vary in size, goals and litigation needs. From start-up companies and entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar corporations, Leonard, O’Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd. has provided litigation services at virtually every level of the business community.

In tailoring our litigation strategy to meet our clients’ needs, we continually seek new and innovative methods of dispute resolution. Mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials and other methods of dispute resolution often result in lower cost litigation and our litigators have effectively used those procedures in resolving their clients’ matters. At Leonard, O’Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd., we understand that high legal bills can result in “winning the battle, but losing the war.” Our unique and individualized approach means that our clients receive top quality representation to help win the litigation “battle,” without losing the legal fees “war.”

Broad Experience

The commercial litigation group has existed since the firm was founded in 1968. The attorneys practicing in our litigation group have many years of experience covering virtually every facet of dispute resolution.

Our litigation group also has substantial trial experience. From one day court trials to multi-day jury trials, our litigators have represented clients in state and federal courts, both in Minnesota and throughout the country. We have also represented our clients in state and federal appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court. At all levels of advocacy, our litigation group has the experience and knowledge to guide our clients through the procedural minefields that await the unwary litigant.

The attorneys in the commercial litigation group at Leonard, O’Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd. are anxious to assist you in meeting your business objectives by providing excellent quality and personalized service at a reasonable price. If we can assist you, or if you would like further information about our capabilities or our law firm, please contact us.